Curriculum vitae (CV) is extensive or even complete summaries of Personal information, address, a person’s career, qualifications, and education, including publications and other information to apply for Job or Scholarship opportunities

CV sample 1


Ph.D. in English
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
May 20xx

Dissertation title: “Down on the Farm: World War One and the Emergence of Literary
Modernism in the American South”
Committee: Margaret Black, Naomi Blue, John Jay, Robert Roberts (Chair)

MA in English
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BA in English and Communications, summa cum laude
Butler University, Indianapolis, IN


Composition Instructor
Research Writing Program, University of Illinois

· Facilitator for seven sections of English composition.
· Planned and taught a writing-intensive course based on current events.
· Used instructional technology to enhance pedagogical techniques.
· Taught in part with an innovative, interdisciplinary team-teaching program design.

Literature Instructor
Department of English, University of Illinois

· Instructor of record for two sections of literature, including Major American Authors and
Introduction to Poetry per semester.
· Integrated multimedia and humanities approach to teaching literature using film and instructional

Coordinating Group Leader
Research Writing Program, University of Illinois

· Planned and led required training sessions for teaching assistants and new composition teachers.
· Helped to mentor new hires to the English Department staff to ensure their engagement and
professional development.
· Provided job shadowing and training opportunities to assist new hires in adjusting to the pace of
work and the tone and style of the University.

Discussion Leader
Carolina Summer Reading Program, University of Illinois
· Led group discussions for first-year students on academic topics.

Teaching Assistant
Department of English, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
· Taught a section on film criticism, including film history, theory, and technical vocabulary.

· Planned lessons and assignments, led discussion sections, graded papers, and exams.
· Organized and led group discussions on social and academic issues.


Doctoral Researcher
Department of English, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

· Conducted primary source research at numerous archives, examining publication history through
multiple sources.
· Examined the literature of William Faulkner, Thomas Wolfe, and Tennessee Williams, exploring
their publication records, construction of literary identity, and relationship with modernism.

Research Assistant
Department of English, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
· Assistant to Professor Robert Warren, conducting primary and secondary source research.

· Organized for the “New Directions in the Study of Southern Literature: An Interdisciplinary
Associate Editor of North Carolina Slave Narratives. John Jacob Franz, general editor. Forthcoming
from University of Illinois Press, 20xx.
Johnson, JM, Lolie, T., and Green, R. “Lost on the Farm: Popular Beliefs” Somebody Journal, Special
The issue, Reflections on the Americas. Vol. 6. Accepted and forthcoming.
Green, R. “Fugitives/Agrarians” in A Companion to Twentieth-Century American Poetry. Rutgers
Press., 20xx.
Davis, D.A. and Green, R. “Will N. Harben,” “Etheridge Knight,” and “James Wilcox” in Southern
Writers: A Biographical Dictionary. Louisiana State University Press, 20xx.
“Artistic Colloquialism,” Illinois Graduate College Seminar, speaker, and organizer. Urbana, IL, 20xx.
“Transitional Bible Belt,” US Divergence Symposium, Duke University, NC, February 20xx.
“The Ministry of Rev. Thomas H. Jones,” South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Atlanta, GA,
May 20xx.
“Shackles and Stripes: The Cinematic Representation of the Southern Chain Gain.” American Literature
Association. Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 20xx.
“Body Place of Sprits in the South,” Queen Mary College, University of London, April 6-8, 20xx.

Jacob K. Javitz Fellowship, U.S. Department of Education
Graduate College Dissertation Completion Award, University of Illinois
Campus Teaching Award based on student evaluations, University of Illinois
Doctoral Fellowship, Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities,
University of Illinois
Summer Research Grant, Center for Summer Studies, City, ST
Graduate College Conference Travel Grant, University of Illinois
Most Outstanding Butler Woman, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
Academic Scholarship, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

CV sample 2

CV (curriculum vitae)

  1. Personal information

Given name: Melak Chris      last name: Kelly

        Sex: Male

        Age: 26

             Birth date: May19, 1995

             Place of birth: California,

             Nationality: US                                                      

Marital status: Single

 Religion: Christian

 Contact Address

           Tel.Mobile: – +2596453345    Home no: – +25755423454343


            Home address:-546 California

  • Study applied for: PhD research in Chemistry
  • Skills
  • Language Skills

NO Language Listen Speak Read write
1 English Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
2 French Intermediate Basic Basic Beginner
3 Spanish Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

  • Computer skills:-
  • Good command of Microsoft office tools, excel, word, power point, project, and publisher.
  • Good command of water designing software especially AutoCAD and Waterqual
  • Good command of programming software such as  python, MATHLAB, and Fortran
  • Driving skill
  • Driving License Grade B

  • Educational Background

          1996-2004: Elementary School in Planet primary School.

           2005-2006: High School in Noble High School.

  • Educational Qualification

No Name of institute/ University/organization Department/ college Name of degree Grade CGPA
1 Harvard University Chemistry Bachelor of Science ( 3.52
2 California University Biogeochemistry 2.9


  • Thesis on the impact of soil chemistry on Crop production: The Case of  South California

  • Work Experience
  • December 09/2016 – Present applied chemistry expert at HB laboratory for three years and five months.

  • Research interest
  • Marine Science, Biogeochemistry, and Hydrological modeling.
  • water assessment and exploration, Water supply, remote sensing, and GIS.

  • Reference
  • Dr. Pujab, Harvard University, Tel. +257643542239.

Melak Chris